Savannah Kittens Cattery

We are a TICA-registered cattery and a leading Savannah cat breeder in the USA. We are a passionate family owned personal business built out of love. In addition to working our full-time day jobs, we think the Savannah cat breed is fantastic and are on a mission to deliver Savannah love to as many households as possible all over legal states in the USA and Canada.

We are a “closed cattery”, which means we are not open to public visitations of our cattery unless prospective buyers have made a deposit or are picking up kittens. On occasion, we will host special Savannah kitten viewing days where new buyers can check out any remaining unclaimed kittens.

What To Expect

Your Savannah kitten will come with its first round of shots and vaccines, a full veterinary exam, a kennel with appropriate food, toys, a litter box, and a legally-binding sales contract to protect your rights and ours. You will receive the contract a few days in advance to review and discuss.

While we offer kittens in all areas, we specialize in the East coast. Please feel free to ask questions about any of our Savannah cats. All of our savannah kittens come with TICA papers, shots and health warranty.
We do not hold Savannah kittens without a holding fee placed.

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